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Trainings and conferences for an inclusive society

Part of the European Social Label
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"Take only memories, leave only footprints." A quote from an unknown person but still always just as relevant. The European Social Label intends to solve Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges together with mainly small and medium-sized companies. Here at the European Social Symposium, we share knowledge, practical solutions, learn new things together with our members, but of course invite other, external, actors to participate as well. The purpose of the European Social Symposium is to discuss and clarify something that today is still considered ugly in some political parties: Profit is the best sustainability. 

It should of course be clarified that this is not about gains in welfare, where the European Social Label has a neutral attitude, but it is about it being attractive, profitable, efficient and easy for small businesses in particular to work with sustainability, exclusion and integration issues. If it takes too much from the regular operation, it becomes none of it and can in some cases be compared to everyone who buys an annual pass at the local gym as a New Year's promise that then just stays put. 

Here at the European Social Symposium, we work to make this easier for everyone, because we all have something to gain from it. When we reduce exclusion in society and increase turnover for our members - then we also relieve the current, tax-financed, system that exists in all modern countries so that it can focus more on those who need its help. A reduced pressure on relevant authorities gives the chain effects that confidence in them increases when the quality of their work improves. 

Increased trust in authorities, reduced exclusion in society and increased turnover for small and medium-sized companies - this is what the European Social Label works towards and happily shares with us our knowledge and at the same time learns more from others. Because like I said, we all have something to gain from it and it can never be ugly.

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Work should pay off

For the European Social Label, the title is not about forcing people who are not able to work into work. On the other hand, most people who have ever run their own business know that it comes with a certain responsibility, both towards the authorities but also towards employees, family and friends. 

One of our basic educations is about being able to balance this. It's not about working smarter, it's so in 2015, but taking advantage of their time and energy and sharing it with those who care about us who choose to go our own way. The training is aimed at new members and goes through membership, its services, opportunities and how you increase your turnover while we get a better society to live and work in. 

EUSS will never sell pre-recorded videos to anyone. In fact, the training is free for members, but above all it is done live to create commitment and dialogue with the participants. 

Follow the link to see when the training starts and register

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Every entrepreneur's dream

… The truth is often something else…

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Large conferences - equal workplaces

At least twice a year, the European Social Label organizes larger conferences with inclusion in and outside the workplace as the major overarching theme. 

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